This is where it all began

Valcalepio is the Valley of the Buttons. Mabel's history began in 1955 in an area that after the Second World War was specialising in the production of these accessories. Our first buttons were luxury products, handmade from polyester resin - absolutely unique items.

The nylon button

In the 1960s the production shifted to nylon buttons, focusing on fine craft items along with more standardised products for the apparel industry.

Mabel steps into costume jewellery

In 1972 the company changed its name to Mabel. These are the years when the production of costume jewellery components was added to the button production.

The boom years of costume jewellery

Coloured acrylic jewellery became a must, and iconic products were created for an ever-expanding market.

Hair accessories and the collaboration with corporations

The 1990’ marked the boom of hair accessories and the beginning of our collaboration with fashion corporations.
From 2000 to the present

Costume jewellery and leather goods: differentiation and customisation

Mabel's evolution proceeds towards an increasing specialisation in the fields of costume jewellery and leather goods, with a focus on production differentiation and a great attention to customisation. Today Mabel is a new company. Yet it keeps its strong roots and the expertise and passion that come from its 60 years of history.
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